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3D Visualization Platform

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Create Brand Experiences with Photo Realistic & Interactive 3D.

We've replaced traditional photography with 3D capture to rapidly create market-ready visuals and Augmented Reality assets.  We convert your raw data into photo-real product visuals, to be experienced from every angle, infinite colors and textures, and in environments tailored to your brand.


We keep it simple:

3D Content Creation.png


With just a couple pictures, we can generate the necessary info to begin creating your 3D assets. 



Raw data, is processed through the Rendy platform where the final 3D asset is created and ready to be optimized for product imagery or augmented reality.



We provide the flexibility to optimize any area of your enterprise. From online product pages and Social Media Ads, to Virtual & Augmented Reality features.



Our monthly analytics report will provide valuable insight into how customers interact with your 3D products on web and mobile platforms.



Automated Content Creation

One 3D across all of your channels. 

Rendy's tech platform optimizes each 3D to work across all platforms, to fulfill all of your visualization and marketing needs:

  • Print

  • Web 

  • Mobile 

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

Replacing traditional product photography.

WEB 03.jpg
Eames Chair 3D Model
Eames Chair 3D Model
Eames Chair 3D Model
3 int - ijas 2
int - Kitchen Render
int - ijas 1
34th Flr Entrance View - Revised
2 int - Eames Render
int - ijas bdrm 1
Almirante - Communty Bar View 11-16-17
1 int - ijas 4

Enterprise Solutions

Premium Quality

We make products look as good in your web page as they do in your showroom.


Our 3D Artists have over 15 years of experience in the industry and our product and scene designers, tailor every aspect of product imagery to perfectly fit your brand.

Rendy's approach allows control and flexibility that digital photography cannot. Enabling you to tailor content to your customer’s needs

Time & Budget Efficiency

Not only do we reduce operational costs to a fraction of what traditional photography is, but we streamline logistics by integrating directly with your web and mobile development teams.

With our procedural generation platform, we can develop 1 to 1000 product renderings in days, compared to weeks with most rendering companies.

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